Our Story

A success story, London’s Pride Ltd is a company that has over seven years of tried-and-tested expertise in the corporate world. Understanding and realisation of scope in the tourism industry piloted London’s Pride, a group of successful businessmen, to what it is today.

A venture that has successfully become the shopping destination of the UK, London’s Pride is  advancing on the train of success exploring new horizons of business and proving expertise in every field they venture. From souvenir shops to luxury perfumes, London’s Pride, today, proudly stands as the parent company of 6 subsidiary companies with a handful of other promising projects awaiting launch.

London’s Pride was not conjured out of thin air overnight, it was a result of years of dreams, thoughts and hardwork put together. Our Directors Mr Khaja Hussain and Mr Rafeeque, both MBA graduates had a passion for business and were in constant search for the scope of business in tourism industry.

 Months of travel, discussions and analyses led them to discover the need for souvenir shops in famous tourist locations. The deeper they researched, they also discovered the availability of collectables were limited. Hence, as soon as the locations were finalised, they set out to find local craftsmen and importers to produce unique gifts depicting the landmarks and sights of the location in all its glory and grandeur, making the shops a must-visit location for all the tourists.

The Directors also wanted the shopping experience to be one-of-a-kind, hence they ensured everything-from the interior decor to the music played-was perfected to the last note, making London’s Pride outlets a tourist attraction!

From the first souvenir shop in Liverpool, the company has grown into a parent company with 6 subsidiary companies, 13 outlets in the UK, an outlet in Dubai focused on the heritage and culture of the Emiratis and a handful of promising projects on the way.

Apart from souvenir shops, London’s Pride has ventured into the fragrance industry and proven its expertise by producing its own line of luxury perfumes-Cheron London. Promoted on the London Fashion Week 2019, the tantalising fragrance easily made its way to the hearts of the British people!

The fragrance line is retailed through the outlets of Choize, an in-house brand that markets fashionable award-winning luxury brands like Les Georgettes of Paris and Sif Jakobs.

As a boon for any fan, London’s Pride launched House of Spells in 2019. A fandom themed shop, the first of its kind, House of Spells has every item that a collector would seek. Focused on the global sensation Harry Potter, the shops also boast licensed collectables from the Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and the Vikings series. Potions, wands, tankards, you name it, House of Spells has it. A shop shrouded in mystery, it is located on the heart of London and takes the customer to a different world, making it a tourist attraction in no time since its grand opening.

Understanding the need of sustainability in the fashion industry, London’s Pride launched FelipeTadd focusing on organic fabrics and sustainable manufacturing operations and strategies. Sourcing 100% organic raw materials from local farmers, Felipe Tadd operates a sustainable fabric manufacturing unit in Tirupur, Tamil Nadu and home textile manufacturing unit in Karur, Tamil nadu, both in South India. Felipe Tadd is on the success stride ensuring a better environment for the future.

London’s Pride has proven its prowess in the digital world with TechTadd. A creative IT agency that provides professional web development and digital marketing services, Techtadd is well-known for its effective an innovative strategies, becoming another success story of London’s Pride within one year of its launch. 

With promising projects and talented hands to guide, London’s Pride continues its success journey to become the Pride of London

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