Launched in 2018 we are leading specialists and retailers of the highest quality pure and natural Perfume Oils alongside our Private Collection spray fragrances also oil-based making them one of highest quality sprays on the market. We are also proud to bring new and exciting award winning brands from around the world such as Sif Jakobs of Copenhagen, Les Georgettes of Paris and Lucy Quarter Maine of the United Kingdom – all award winning Jewelry brands! Also let us not forget our wide range of customizable jewelry from ‘The Keepsake Collection’ where you can keep your loved ones even closer to your heart by getting a personalized engravement of your choice onto any necklace, bracelet, charm, ring or more.
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The concept behind this was predominantly based on the popular franchise and global phenomenon, 'Harry Potter' and other influential franchises such as Game of thrones and Lord of the Rings. All aspects of the store starting from the strategy, interior design to the minutest details such as the music. House of Spells became one of the London’s tourist attraction with limited span of time since its grand opening ceremony in July 2019.
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Having launched in 2019, we were quite excited to promote our line of fragrances in the London Fashion Week 2019. With a young, passionate and diverse team of employees, we were determined to make a statement. We gave away hundreds of our products in beautiful goody bags and received some wonderful feedback from all the wonderful friends of Cheron. Being at London Fashion Week was an experience we will never forget, we had the chance to interact and exchange ideas with some influential models and designers including Ivana. The exhilarating experience of buzzing crowds and witnessing the magical work created by the talented hands of designers who worked for years for an opportunity to showcase their work under the spotlight was truly a stunning sight.
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British Souvenirs kickstarted its journey from Liverpool trading heritage and cultural products. A souvenir store inspired by the vibrant brands in the UK. The store soon became an institution of great gifts, souvenirs and good vibes. Our highly experienced team is dedicated to understanding your need and to provide you with the best gift ideas that you had been after so long.
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FELIPE TADD LTD is a manufacturing, distribution and exporting unit of clothing, garments and fashion products. It also works as a resourcing hub of London's pride along with fulfilling its clothing and garments requirements. Felipe Tadd ensures the products manufactured and exported meets the quality standards of the international market and will uplift the reputation of London's pride. Felipe Tadd’s domestic wing manufactures and distributes garments to the high end market segment of South India. In 2020 it will launch high end kids fashion brand with unique and innovative products.
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A Digital Marketing Agency that works on a global scale. We are a collective of digital enthusiasts, designers, and developers who strive to set a new trend in the industry by providing the most competent digital marketing and branding strategies to help your business run smoothly. We build designs based on the concepts you sculpted in your head, adding that unique touch from our professionals. Techtadd helps your business grow by implementing cutting-edge digital marketing technology and solutions.
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York Vikings is a brand inspired by the Vikings era and the history of York that specialises in Vikings, Gothic and Celtic merchandise. York Vikings Shop is located at the heart of Shambles, York, the street famous for its resemblance to Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. We also display a wide range of officially licensed Game of Thrones collectables, including goblets and tankards popular among our customers. With its stunning interiors, products and music, York Vikings Shop is a feast for eyes to all those who visit.
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